Oh, Hardcover, oh Hardcover… Wherefore art thou, Hardcover?

Kate here.

As an English teacher and avid Shakespeare fan, I do fully realize I’m not quite using the reference in the title of this post correctly, but my inner – who am I really kidding with this “inner” claim? – and indignant geek is somewhat pacified with my half-hearted, “But it’s a pop-culture reference!” justification.

According to Shakespeare, “wherefore” doesn’t actually mean “where,” but “why.” As such, the post title really means “Why are you, Hardcover?” not “Where are you, Hardcover?” I guess it poses a more philosophical, existential question regarding our children’s book, doesn’t it?

I digress!

So, we’re waiting patiently for the hardcover to get printed – well, as patiently as two impatient-people-when-we-want-something can! Honestly, we’re like two kids on Christmas Eve, anxiously watching the hours slowly tick by…

To be specific, we are waiting for the hardcover book to not only be printed, but also 1,500 copies then sent to us.

To our house.

1,500 copies.

All. At. Once.

By the way, does anyone have an extra warehouse lying in wait that Demetrius and I can borrow?!? As long as things go well, we won’t need it for too long… 😉

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