If you were to fly a piper aircraft over Cape Cod at three in the morning, you would most likely notice a small glow from a low-lit house way down below. In this house, you would find two minds throwing ideas back and forth, like a game of table tennis – ideas that include fond memories and questions like, “What if?”


Demetrius at the age of five didn’t love bed time, and he definitely didn’t care too much for the dark. There was just something about when the lights went out – his imagination would instantly turn on. Fortunately for him, this never changed and all the evenings for years to come became his trusty pal and creative pallet. It was during those times that he would slowly develop his craft in several different areas.

Aside from writing short stories, he was also completely immersed in music, which eventually led him to Nashville, TN, where he really explored songwriting. After a good run there, he relocated back to the Northeast and co-founded a musical group by the name of Tripping Lily, an all original pop folk group that managed to stay together for 11 years. With Tripping Lily, he managed to make his way onto the big stage. He was chosen to score out an entire symphony where he along with Tripping Lily would perform his original holiday composition with The Cape Cod Symphony. His music also hit the big screen when his original composition, “Alone,” appeared on the Showtime original series, “The Big C.”

These days, you will find Demetrius either tucked away in some corner playing a musical instrument or writing a fictional short story. Somehow, these fiction stories have partnered with his real life situation, creating a very relatable read for all ages. He and his wife reside on Cape Cod where they now have teamed up to explore the possibilities of a new series of books. They are now combining their talents, their hearts, and forever youthful imaginations.


For as long as Katherine can remember, she carried around either a book to read or a sketchbook to draw. After years of reading any book she could get her hands on and obsessively sketching all kinds of things in her world, she decided to get her master’s degree in teaching English – which, although reflective of her natural abilities and gifts related to reading and writing, didn’t exactly allow her to use her artistic talent. Over the years, she managed to take a couple of college art courses, but still, wasn’t able to find a way to incorporate more art into her life.

One of the most poignant points in her life happened in 2013 when her beloved grandfather died, and he passed on to her all of his meticulously cared-for art supplies. She felt honored and also compelled to put these supplies to proper use.

When she married Demetrius in August of 2015, she finally felt as though her art might finally find a place in her life – and in their life together on Cape Cod. Between the two of them, an idea for a children’s book took shape based on a childhood experience in Demetri’s life. With this unique idea and Kate’s artistic talents as well as her experience in analyzing stories, The Armadillo Pillow was crafted. Together, she and Demetri have other ideas for children’s books, and individually, she has continued to unleash her energy into working on her next project, a young adult novel.

Along with creating, she and Demetrius thoroughly enjoy spending time with family and especially enjoy helping to raise a son from Kate’s previous marriage.